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Authorized Storyteller sales, parts and service.

Authorized Volta parts and service.

Located next to the Mercedes-Benz Van Center – Warner, we think that the Storyteller Overland MODEs are just about the coolest lineup of adventure vans around. Let us help you sell your van, rent a van, or get hooked up with our awesome community and events!

Current Mode Lineup

$ 175,887.00
$ 188,941.00
$ 218,620.00
$ 171,429.00
$ 181,329.00
$ 194,418.21
$ 224,408.00

About Storyteller Overland

Built for PURPOSE by GREAT PEOPLE who believe “adventure should belong to everybody.” Storyteller is more than vehicles, it’s about people, connecting them in meaningful ways and facilitating adventure along life’s journeys. The vehicles are just that, a means to an end.

We at Mercedes-Benz Van Center – Warner look forward to being a part of facilitating your next adventure. We are proud to represent such a unique group and company in such a wonderful state. Don’t take our word for it – come and experience it for yourself.


The Warner Way

We know you have options and many of them are great ones. There’s a lot to it, but let’s keep it simple, it’s about your OVERALL experience. That means that we are here for you and will be there for you throughout your ownership experience. Meet with one of our Storyteller Legends and we hope you’ll see that we’re intentionally different.

Utilize our site, meet with one of our Legends Storyteller’s site, forums, events, other Storyteller owners, and more to get the inside scoop on what it’s all about and what it’s like.

Come see us and experience Storyteller life for yourself. We strive to keep multiple Storyteller vehicles available for your inspection, test drives. Feel free to kick the tires!

If you want to really experience Storyteller for yourself, Warner Van Rentals is on the same business campus, where you can rent a storyteller for as long as you’d like. We’ve been known to treat most of your rental payments towards the purchase of your new or used Storyteller or other vans we have for sale.

Contact us for more details!

By now you’re probably ready to get in your own van and drive off chasing your dreams in your new dream machine or realized now might be the time (yet). Meet with one of our legends or check out our online inventory to see what’s currently available or will be soon.

A non-refundable $500.00 puts your name on an inbound unit that is scheduled to be produced but not yet assigned a specific VIN number. Once a VIN number has been assigned, the balance of 5% of the see-through price will be due within five business days. You’ll have a chance to see all the dollar amounts* before placing your deposit. We honor and take Storyteller’s see-through pricing very seriously for the community’s mutual benefit.

*If you are financing, terms and conditions apply.

Our team will provide you with as much information as possible in a timely manner to help you plan your schedule and finances.

Once your dream machine has arrived at our facility and we’ve notified you that it is ready for pickup, the full remaining balance is due within (15) business days to avoid forfeiting your deposit. If you need more time to pick up your vehicle we can make arrangements, however, payment will be due as listed above.


Please plan on spending the majority of the day with us to get you generally familiar with the van and system basics as well as finalize payment and paperwork. There is a lot of information to take in and we want to go at your pace. Don’t expect to become a full expert day one, that will come with time and experience. We suggest that you drive home and camp out in your van in your driveway! Why…? You may not be able to remember everything we showed you in the first go-round, or something could be amiss. We want to ensure that you have a great experience.

We also have an essentials kit that we include with every new or pre-loved Storyteller we sell. It’s everything you need to go out and have a great adventure.

Let’s go camping together! That’s right, we want to go camping with you, not that you have to, and we’ll bring our own van for ourself. 🙂 Chances are that during the delivery process and your first few trips, you discovered new features or questions that you didn’t think to ask in the initial visits. A day trip or an overnighter will allow you to use the vans features in the field where we can provide guidance and helpful tips in environments where you’re likely to use them most.

Perhaps you already have a great deal of experience or how you’d like to modify your van to meet your needs and wishes. In any case, our team is available and eager to provide training in one on one or group settings like Beyond The Pavement or other local/regional events.

We are also very involved in modifying and upgrading the vans and would be happy to discuss, or even better, let you experience what we have to offer


This thing is all about you being able to get out and make memories with your Storyteller. Share your experience with us!

To ensure an enjoyable experience, your Storyteller needs to be maintained and occasionally, repaired. We are authorized, trained, and equipped to work on all of your systems from Storyteller and Mercedes-Benz.

So whether it’s maintaining the chassis, updating electronics/systems, or repairing something that broke or was damaged, we are here for you.

One great thing about working with and buying from us, is that the people who sell you the van, will also be there to help you maintain the van, and throughout the whole experience.

The time may come to upgrade or do something different. We take pride in earning repeat business and taking exceptional care of our customers. Reach out and let us know how we can be of assistance.


Selling your Storyteller? We can help.

We understand that life happens, things change, and perhaps we can help you take something off your plate so you can focus on more important things. Our team is here to help you in the process and can offer you solutions. Just drop us a line or schedule a time to stop by. 

If you plan on selling your own van, we can provide a complementary inspection and address any potential issues before showing your vehicle and you can hand them a copy of a clean inspection report.


Our Testimonials

See what our customers are saying.

While I was doing a job in the Salt Lake City area, I needed to have an emergency fan clutch replacement. I searched for a sprinter dealer or repair shop and there were dozens in the area. I choose MB Vancare -Warner and called the service advisor to check parts and schedule an appointment. After speaking w him and explaining the situation he agreed to fix the van but told me it may be a couple of days. I was fine with that because we still had a day left for the job. A few hours later he unexpectedly calls me back and tells me that they have the part in and they can fix it tomorrow. He also tells me the total price and it’s about $500 less than what my mechanic in LA would change me. (Danny from “fix my sprinter” was texting with me for days helping to diagnose my problem, he told me what it should cost)So I show up the next day and pull into their yard and my jaw is flown open and my mouth is agape as I witness sprinter van nirvana. Hundreds and hundreds of new and used and being repaired sprinters!!! If you need to get a sprinter fixed this is the place!!!They have everything here you need to replace an OEM part or do the most custom mod you could think of.I am looking forward to doing business with these guys for years to come! Thank you for building this wonderful place, it’s a dream come true.
dean georgopoulos
dean georgopoulos
19:08 10 Aug 22
These guys are amazing! I experienced a couple of significant issues with my 2020 Mercedes sprinter van while traveling in Baja Mexico. They were a lead sponsor of the Back to Baja event and as a result had several service trucks in the middle of the desert! I had a broken wheel speed sensor. This had knocked out my four-wheel-drive and cruise control. Not exactly ideal on a long trip in the middle of Baja. I coordinated everything through the service manager Matt Glauser who was on site. He looped in his two mechanics Gary and Todd. Both of them went over my vehicle with a fine tooth comb. They topped off all fluids, torque checked my Lug nuts and actually found several issues from my last service at an independent shop. They addressed those issues as well. I was in and out in under an hour with a flawlessly running van. Again, they did all of this in the middle of the desert!I cannot speak highly enough of how professional and helpful Matt, Gary and Todd were! If you’re anywhere in Utah and need your sprinter van serviced you definitely want to look these guys up!
Bob Schneider
Bob Schneider
18:23 06 May 22
What a great company! We're from Yuma and recently attended the back to Baja event in Baja California MX. Tony and his crew set up a mini service center with a full remote oil service van . They also We're doing free small fixes as well. Matt adjusted our sliding door for us. Hats off to these awesome guys that came all the way from Salt Lake City. Tony also took groups out for hands on off road driving classes specific to MB Sprinter. He also put on a seminar with the MB factory team as well. Thanks Again for your support.Steve and Heather
Steve Credelle
Steve Credelle
15:03 25 Apr 22
My service advisor Nathan Wiseman has in several occasions done a great job to make sure that my Sprinter is repaired and back on the road as soon as possible. The rest of the staff here including the parts guys, sales people, receptionist and even the owner have been friendly and helpful.
Brock Jones
Brock Jones
20:17 08 Dec 21

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